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Miele, 9 kg + 9 kg - Washing Machine + Clothes Dryer

Miele, 9 kg + 9 kg - Washing Machine + Clothes Dryer
  • Miele, 9 kg + 9 kg - Washing Machine + Clothes Dryer

Miele, 9 kg + 9 kg - Washing Machine + Clothes Dryer

Product code: WWV980WPS+TWV780WP Brand: Miele
6199 €
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Washing machine
• MTouch – the appliance is controlled by tapping or swiping
• Liquid detergent system at the push of a button - TwinDos
• You can’t clean faster than this – QuickPowerWash
• Smart laundry care with WiFiConn@ct
• Save electricity with an additional hot water connection

• M Touch – the appliance is controlled by tapping or swiping
• Less ironing, more freshness – SteamFinish
• Pleasantly quiet drying – SilenceDrum
• Best care for delicate textiles – Miele dryer basket
• Miele@home – clever networking opens up new possibilities

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6199 €


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Washing machine

Automatic dispensing with TwinDos is not only practical, but also guarantees perfect cleanliness: with UltraPhase 1 and 2 your appliance offers the best liquid dispensing system. TwinDos dispenses UltraPhase 1 and 2 at the optimum time during the programme and thus achieves the very best wash results. TwinDos also dispenses with such precision that you can save up to 30 % on detergent when compared to manual dispensing.

You want to wash your favourite blouse, but there is nothing similar in the laundry basket to wash it with? Washing individual items is not ecologically justifiable – we've all experienced this dilemma! The Miele solution for this is the SingleWash option which can be used with lots of programmes. This option adapts programme duration, water & energy consumption for loads up to 1 kg. Washing individual items has never been so quick & economical.

Energy efficiency
Miele washing machines are ecological and consume only the amount of water and electricity needed. The most economical amongst them are even 40% more efficient than is required for the threshold value (46) for the highest A+++ energy efficiency rating.

Hot water connection
Some Miele washing machines feature an additional connection for hot water, well water and rain water. With the hot water connection, you can save energy if domestic water is heated using solar technology, for example. You can also use well water or rain water. This saves valuable drinking water – which is good for the environment and your wallet.

Automatic load recognition
All Miele washing machines feature intelligent automatic load recognition. This feature analyses the current load and uses only the amount of water and electricity needed for excellent cleaning and rinsing results.

Honeycomb drum
The web-like surface structure of the Miele honeycomb drum creates a thin film of water between the drum and the laundry. This results in laundry gliding gently and protects the fibres perfectly. The smaller, smoothly polished shouldered holes in the walls of the drum are also gentle on your textiles and prevent pilling and laddering. Foreign objects such as paper clips no longer end up in the drain pump.

Enamelled front
Miele is the only manufacturer of domestic appliances to enamel the front panels of all washing machines, tumble dryers and washer-dryers. The high-quality enamel is scratch-proof, corrosion-proof, alkaline-resistant, impervious to acids, easy to clean and colour-fast.

Highest Miele quality for a long service life
Miele carries out intensive endurance tests during the development stage in order to meet the highest quality standards. During these tests appliances have to wash for 10,000 hours. This involves running approximately 5000 wash programmes. In terms of daily laundry this equates to about 5 programmes per week with an average run time of 2 hours - for 20 years.

Waterproof system (WPS)
WPS also features a double solenoid valve directly at the stopcock. If the first valve is faulty, the second closes the inlet. The double skinned inlet hose provides the highest level of protection: in the event of a defect in the inner hose, water flows down the outer sleeve into the sump. Like the WCS, the WPS also features intelligent sensor technology: if a leak is detected, the water inlet is closed off.

With WiFiConn@ct you can conveniently connect your Miele appliance to the internet via the WiFi router. Use your smartphone or tablet to make use of many benefits: call up an appliance status whilst at home or when out and about, read notifications such as the requirement to replenish the detergent, use the Miele online shop to place orders. To do this you need the Miele@mobile app which you can download for free via Google Play or the App Store.

Your appliance can display information and tips in several languages to ensure that you understand everything. Simply select your language from the language menu. A flag directs you. This enables you to find your way – even if a language has been selected which you do not understand.

Switch easily between your 2 favourite fragrances: Miele tumble dryers with FragranceDos² have enough space for 2 fragrance flacons. Close one flacon and open the other in just one turn. So you can use Cocoon for your hand towels and then switch to Aqua for your jeans in the next load, for instance. That makes Miele fragrance flacons doubly unique.

Tested for 20 years of perfect laundry care
While some car engines are subjected to 3000 hours of tests, we test continuous performance for up to 10,000 hours. Day and night. Comprehensive and precise. So we can guarantee you outstanding results for years and years.

Environmentally friendly tumble drying
Economical and environmentally friendly drying: all Miele tumble dryers achieve at least energy efficiency class A++. Many models are even 10 % more economical than the threshold value for the best energy efficiency class A+++. This is made possible by a new floor module with an optimised cooling circuit. So now you can dry more sustainably and efficiently than ever before with Miele.

EcoDry technology
Miele EcoDry technology guarantees long-term low energy consumption and short drying times. Thanks to the effective interaction between the patented] Miele filtration system and the maintenance-free heat exchanger, fluff cannot clog up the heat exchanger, which would otherwise cause blockages and reduce power output over time. With EcoDry, Miele heat-pump dryers constantly work economically – over the entire life of the appliance.

Domestic appliance networking with Miele@home
With our innovative Miele@home system, you can exploit the full potential of your Miele appliances and make your everyday life even smarter. All intelligent Miele domestic appliances can be networked conveniently and securely. Operation is simple – whether you use the Miele app, voice control or integration into existing Smart Home solutions. The appliances are networked via a home WiFi router and the Miele Cloud.

DryCare 40 
The new DryCare 40 extra makes it even easier to care for your laundry. You can load your clothes into the tumble dryer immediately after a 40 °C wash programme without having to sort through them first. This saves you both time and effort. The DryCare 40 extra can be added to various programmes and is suitable for fabrics that can be washed at 40 °C.

Miele SteamFinish makes laundry care easy. At the beginning of the drying process, the SteamFinish programme gently sprays water into the honeycomb drum, where it is heated by the drying air. The developing steam visibly smoothes the laundry. The new PowerFresh Extra freshens up your fabrics with steam – without having to wash them first. Optimum results can be achieved by adding a DryFresh® fragrance flacon to neutralise odours.

Integrated condensed water drainage
All Miele heat-pump dryers feature integrated condensed water drainage with a hose tidy. As a result, you can pump out condensate into a sink or a siphon and save yourself the trouble of emptying the condensate container.

Convenient fluff filter
With Miele’s intelligent fluff filter, you are finally rid of inconvenient fluff. Furthermore, the fluff filter is also particularly convenient: when the “Clean out airways” reminder appears in the clear text display, the Miele fluff filter can be easily removed from the front. The smooth filter surface makes cleaning pleasantly easy. Fluff filter and laundry are always kept separate – for guaranteed fluff-free laundry.

Your appliance can display information and tips in several languages to ensure that you understand everything. Simply select your language from the language menu. A flag directs you. This enables you to find your way – even if a language has been selected which you do not understand.

Whether it's a pair of jeans, a blouse or just a sock: thanks to the AddLoad function, you can easily add any laundry items that you've forgotten – up until shortly before the end of the programme. Operation is easy: press the “Start / Add laundry” button to stop the programme. 

Tumble drying has never been so quiet! The new SilenceDrum is far quieter during drying. The special design of the drum reduces subjectively perceived noise spikes by half – in particular when drying garments with buttons and zips. This is achieved by the inclusion of insulating strips in the design of the drum, which significantly reduce disturbance from rattling noises. Your dryer can be operated in comfort even close to your living spaces.


Miele, 9 kg, depth 64.3 cm, 1600 rpm - Front Load Washing Machine (Product code: WWV980WPS)

  • Washing machine

    installation type free-standing
    energy class A
    energy consumption 49 kWh/100 cycles
    max. load capacity 9 kg
    program length
    199 min.
    water consumption per cycle 48 L
    spin speed 1600 rpm
    spin performance class A
    noise level (washing) 46 / (spin-drying) 67 dB
    airborne acoustical noise emission rating A
  • Functions

    general washing programs rinse + centrifuge, cotton, synthetics, wool, gentle wash, mix, no spin, rinse, centrifuge, cotton eco, drain
    special washing programs jeans, sportswear, dark wash, quilt, steam update, tub clean, soak, hygienic, curtains, outdoor, extra rinse
    additional washing programs SteamCare, express 20, minimum iron, pillows, starch, pre-ironing, steam smoothing
    systems TwinDos, CapDosing
    functions lighting, delayed start, child lock, overflow protection, Wi-Fi, automatic dosing
    additional functions washing assistant
  • General parameters

    produced Germany
    display touchscreen
    washing machine type front-loader
    panel language german
    manufacturer Miele
    colour white
    number of the regulation 2019/2014
  • Dimensions

    width 59.6 cm
    height 85 cm
    depth 64.3 cm
    98 kg
    total depth
    64.3 cm

Miele, 9 kg, depth 64.3 cm - Clothes Dryer (Product code: TWV780WP)

  • Dryer

    dryer type heat pump
    installation type free-standing
    annual energy consumption 174 kWh per year
    energy class A+++
    condensation efficiency A
    max. drying capacity 9 kg
    cycle lenght
    220 min.
  • Functions

    drying programs sportswear, quick drying, jeans, wool drying, shirt / blouse, cotton, silk, cool air, warm air, outdoor, impregnation
    additional drying programs Automatic plus, eco cotton, pillows, pre-ironing, linen, easy care, delicates
    systems Heating pump technology
    functions drying basket, lighting, delayed start, drum rotates in both directions, Filter cleaning indicator, wrinkle reduction, wrinkle removing with steam, Add additional garments feature, lint filter
  • Dimensions

    width 59.6 cm
    height 85 cm
    depth 64.3 cm
    62 kg
  • General parameters

    panel language german
    display Yes
    noise power 62 dB
    special characteristics MultiLingua, Miele@home, Wash2Dry, PerfectDry, HygieneDry, FragranceDos, EcoFeedback, DryCare 40, DryFresh, integrated condensed water drainage, fluff filter
    color white
    manufacturer Miele



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