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In accordance with the procedure laid down in the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania, all products purchased in the Novastar online store shall be subject to a minimum warranty period of 24 months. Legal person shall be granted a warranty period established by the manufacturer.

In addition, we offer the option to acquire an extended warranty service and insurance of purchases. For more information of such services, please click here.


Purchase warranty terms:

The warranty period for your purchase commences on the date of collection of delivery of the product to the buyer. The purchase document (such as a receipt, invoice or leasing contract) which is delivered to you together with the purchased product or sent by e-mail shall be equivalent to a purchase warranty voucher.

In the event of a failure of a purchased product, please contact the product manufacturer’s authorised service center for warranty service. Information on authorised service centers shall be provided by e-mail: or phone: +370 5 214 2939. Besides, you may deliver the faulty product to the customer service centre of Novastar LT at the address Kareivių g. 12, Vilnius. In this case, we will take care of the delivery of the product to the authorised service.

When delivering the product to the warranty service, it is necessary to submit the product purchase document along with the product. The product must be in the correct packaging to ensure the safety of the product during transportation. If a product is delivered without a package, the buyer shall be responsible for mechanical damage caused during transportation.

If, during the warranty period, the manufacturer’s authorised service center detects a defect of the product caused by the manufacturer’s fault, the product will be repaired. If the defect of the product is irreparable, the authorised service center shall provide the buyer with a certificate to that effect which is to be delivered to the seller along with the purchase document to get the product replaced or the money paid for the product refunded. In this case, please send the scanned certificate of the service center and the purchase document by e-mail: The responsible employee will get in touch with you to coordinate the next steps.

The products and parts repaired or replaced by an authorised service center shall be covered by the warranty from the date of purchase of the original product.


Warranty obligations shall not be applicable if:

  • The product was not used for its intended purpose and/or in violation of its instructions for use;
  • The product was repaired or otherwise modified at a service center not authorised by the manufacturer;
  • The serial number stickers or other identification markings are damaged;
  • The product is mechanically or otherwise damaged, was disassembled, the defect occurred when the product fell or was hit;
  • The defect of the product was caused by dust, liquids, sand, etc. that got inside the goods;
  • The defect of the product was caused by the use of accessories that are not original or recommended for use by the manufacturer;
  • The defect of the product was caused by illegal installation of content or programs;
  • The defect of the product was caused by the operation of virus programs;
  • The defect of the product was caused by uncontrolled environmental factors (such as a fire, rain, lightning, storm, flood, etc.);
  • The defect of the product was caused by power surges or other power outages.

The warranty shall not be applicable to wearing products and parts (such as cables, cases, holders, batteries, etc.).

The warranty shall not be applicable to information stored on data carriers or devices.

The repaired product shall be stored for 6 months after notifying the buyer about the repair. After this time, the seller shall be entitled not to store the product any longer.