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Indaplovė Beko DFS28123W

Indaplovė Beko DFS28123W
  • Indaplovė Beko DFS28123W
  • Indaplovė Beko DFS28123W
  • Indaplovė Beko DFS28123W
  • Indaplovė Beko DFS28123W
  • Indaplovė Beko DFS28123W
  • Indaplovė Beko DFS28123W
  • Indaplovė Beko DFS28123W
  • Indaplovė Beko DFS28123W
  • Indaplovė Beko DFS28123W
  • Indaplovė Beko DFS28123W
  • Indaplovė Beko DFS28123W

Indaplovė Beko DFS28123W

Prekės kodas: DFS28123W Gamintojas: Beko
379.99 €

Prekės neturime

• AquaIntense - better results without extra resource
• Technology SteamGloss makes the washed dishes in the dishwasher shine like they are new
• Fast + function - The Fast + function from Beko ub your diswasher gives you an amazing 3 times faster cleaning performance. It can save you 70% of your valuable time while getting your disher sparkling clean too

Skaityti daugiau


For handwashing-haters, dried on dirty dishes are nowhere near as much fun as the dinner party. AquaIntense - a special ‘Intensive Zone’ on the right hand side of the machine – is able to achieve 5 times improved cleaning performance, thanks to a 180° rotating arm and 360° water coverage to get those pots and pans sparkling. So put your feet up.

Half the load
You do not have to wait for the entire dishwasher to pop up! The option of any dish distribution using the half-wash option allows for any distribution of dishes on the upper and / or lower basket.

One of the most advanced features of the Beko dishwashers is the GlassShield technology, which was developed for glass dishes. Due to their delicate nature, Beko has created a technology that not only effectively protects all glass vessels but also extends their lifetime by 20 times.

Fast +
With Fast + function you will have much more time. Once it has been switched on, the washing process will run much faster, shortening it almost 3 times, while maintaining maximum efficiency.

Inverter motor
Inverter motors are the same: reliable, quiet, comfort and provides lower power consumption. More savings for your home budget.

Water Safe
System Water Safe is the protection of the water and the flood of the room. In case of water leakage, the water supply to the dishwasher is automatically cut off.

SteamGloss technology
SteamGloss technology will make the dishes shine as bright as new, and when removed from the machine, you will be able to place them right at your destination - without fear of wet spots on the table or in the cabinet. This effect is achieved by using the heat of the dishwasher at the end of the cycle.

Child Lock
This feature allows you to lock the knobs to prevent children playing with them. This also prevents accidental changes during product operation.


  • Indaplovė

    Montavimo tipas Laisvai statoma
    Energijos suvartojimo klasė E
    Energijos suvartojimas 81 kWh/100 ciklų
    Talpa 11
    Vandens suvartojimas 8,7
    Ekologinės programos trukmė 239
    Programos 8
    Temperatūrų kiekis 5
    Džiovinimo klasė A
    Džiovinimo sistema HotAir
    Stalčių kiekis 3 vnt.
    Stalo įrankių rinkinys Taip
    Energijos sunaudojimas 0,8
  • Funkcijos

    Funkcijos Vaikų apsauga, Skalavimo indikatorius, Vidinis apšvietimas, Atidėtas paleidimas, Druskos indikatorius
    Papildomos funkcijos AquaIntense, Fast+, GlassShield, AquaFlex
    Programos Auto 45°C-65°C, Pirminis skalavimas, Pusinė apkrova, Quick & Shine, Intensyvus 70 °C, Eco 50°C
    Papildomos skalbimo programos
  • Reguliacija

    Reguliuojamas viršutinis krepšys Taip
  • Išmatavimai

    Plotis 44,8
    Aukštis 85
    Gylis 60
    Svoris 38,4
  • Bendrieji parametrai

    Ekranas LCD
    Triukšmo lygis 46
    Gamintojas Beko
    Spalva Balta
    Rezoliucijos numeris 2019/2017