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Withings Body Scan, white - Diagnostic bathroom scale

Withings Body Scan, white - Diagnostic bathroom scale
  • Withings Body Scan, white - Diagnostic bathroom scale
  • Withings Body Scan, white - Diagnostic bathroom scale
  • Withings Body Scan, white - Diagnostic bathroom scale
  • Withings Body Scan, white - Diagnostic bathroom scale
  • Withings Body Scan, white - Diagnostic bathroom scale
  • Withings Body Scan, white - Diagnostic bathroom scale
  • Withings Body Scan, white - Diagnostic bathroom scale
  • Withings Body Scan, white - Diagnostic bathroom scale
  • Withings Body Scan, white - Diagnostic bathroom scale
  • Withings Body Scan, white - Diagnostic bathroom scale
  • Withings Body Scan, white - Diagnostic bathroom scale
  • Withings Body Scan, white - Diagnostic bathroom scale

Withings Body Scan, white - Diagnostic bathroom scale

Product code: BODYSCAN.WHITE Brand: Withings
439.99 €
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Body Scan is the most advanced smart scale ever invented. Breakthrough technology of segmental body composition measurement technology allows for even greater accuracy in measuring fat and muscle imbalances. Additionally, it provides comprehensive control of cardiovascular health, including ECG and pulse wave velocity measurements, making it the ideal choice for those who want to take thorough care of their health.

• Segmental and multi-frequency bioimpedance analysis
• Rechargeable via USB-C, lasting up to 1 year on a single charge
• 6-electrode ECG / atrial fibrillation detection
• Assessment of nerve health
• Identification of up to 8 users and independent synchronization
• WiFi and Bluetooth synchronization
• Connectivity: WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth Low Energy
• Compatibility: iOS 15 (or newer), Android 10 (or newer)

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See your body in 3 dimensions
Transform your body with segmental body composition, by locating your fat and muscle mass in 3 key areas: legs, torso, and arms.
Body Scan uses multifrequency bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) technology via the scale’s handle to obtain an ultra-precise assessment of each part of your body. This technology is designed for anyone who wants to maintain or improve their physical performance through a targeted approach. This breakthrough health assessment draws on a comprehensive body composition database, so you can compare your data with similar users. This knowledge can provide valuable insights to ensure you're on the right track.

Works on any surface
Works on any surface thanks to its innovative footless design that allows to deliver accurate results even when used on carpet.

Unlock the power of precision
Thanks to the handle, Body Scan analyzes your body on a segment-by-segment basis, providing ultra-precise measurements of your body composition.

Introducing a revolutionary assessment that provides precise measurements to detect subtle changes in your body composition. With this data in hand, you can effectively aim for your targets and understand what factors truly impact your health.

Body Scan can give you a total health assessment via the handle. A safe and undetectable current is passed through your body, providing body composition metrics tailored to your unique morphology.

Connect to your heart
Vascular Age and Pulse Wave Velocity. Identify changes in overall cardiovascular health and understand how well heart and blood vessels are functioning. 
Get a clearer picture of heart health by measuring the speed at which heart-generated waves move along the arteries.
If your Vascular Age is assessed as significantly greater than your chronological age, you may be more at risk of developing vascular disease later in life.

Nerve tracking for better health
Follow nerve health to help detect autonomic peripheral neuropathy, known to be one of the long-term complications of diabetes.
Monitoring nerve health regularly is a proactive step you can take to maintain or improve it as it may help prevent complications that are associated with common chronic conditions.

Make better health part of daily life
Take the stress out of tracking your health. Body Scan is elegantly designed and easy to use. No matter where you are on your health journey, this smart scale will fit seamlessly into your life.

Your data, in your hands
Follow your health metrics every day in the free Withings app, where you can view trends, get insights, access a wide library of inspiring content, and can enjoy unlimited secure storage.

Family-friendly features
Recognizes and tracks up to 8 users, and includes breakthrough solutions for parents and pregnant women. With Baby Mode, parents can track their child’s weight by simply stepping on the scale while holding their baby, and Pregnancy Tracker gives personalized guidance with obstetrician - reviewed advice, tips, and personalized weight tracking.

Automatic user recognition
Body automatically recognizes up to 8 different users without any action required from you, even with very small differences in weight.

Withings Precision Technology
Powered by multiple frequencies, Body Scan uses an undetectable electric current to calculate your precise body composition. This smart technology brings you brand new metrics and a more complete picture of your health. Patented transistor technology also ensures consistently precise weight measurements, up to 50 g.

Position control
Body adjusts its measurements based on Wi-Fi location to compensate for gravity. Also, our patented position aid technology Position Control helps you center your weight easily, with on-screen visual cues.


  • Scale

    type Diagnostic
    maximum weight 200 kg
    measuring step 50 g
    separate display No
    slim design Yes
    diagnostic Yes
    diagnostic scale type legs, hands
    user memory spaces 8
    guest mode Yes
  • Functions

    scale functions fat percent measuring, mass index measuring, muscle percent measuring, water percent measuring, bone mass, visceral fat
  • Connection

    compatible with
    iOS, Android
  • Interfaces

    Bluetooth Yes
    Wi-Fi Yes
    Apple Health support Yes
  • Dimensions

    width 32.5 cm
    height 2.1 cm
    depth 35.7 cm
    4.4 kg
  • General parameters

    display LCD
    special characteristics segmental body composition, basal metabolic rate, 6-Lead ECG / AFib detection, vascular age, pulse wave volocity, standing heart rate, nerve health score, retractable handle, Withings Precision Technology, Patented Position Control™ technology, automatic user recognition, pregnancy mode, baby mode, athlete mode, Wi-Fi sync, Withings app, units: kg, lbs, st lb, eyes closed mode, haptic feedback
    manufacturer Withings
    colour white
  • Power supply

    power supply accumulator


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