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Šaldytuvas Bosch KGN49XLEA

Šaldytuvas Bosch KGN49XLEA
  • Šaldytuvas Bosch KGN49XLEA
  • Šaldytuvas Bosch KGN49XLEA
  • Šaldytuvas Bosch KGN49XLEA
  • Šaldytuvas Bosch KGN49XLEA
  • Šaldytuvas Bosch KGN49XLEA
  • Šaldytuvas Bosch KGN49XLEA
  • Šaldytuvas Bosch KGN49XLEA
  • Šaldytuvas Bosch KGN49XLEA
  • Šaldytuvas Bosch KGN49XLEA
  • Šaldytuvas Bosch KGN49XLEA

Šaldytuvas Bosch KGN49XLEA

Prekės kodas: KGN49XLEA Gamintojas: Bosch
879.99 €

Prekės neturime

• VitaFresh: keeps food fresh for longer in climate controlled drawers at near 0°C.
• Perfect Fit: place your fridge right next to walls and other appliances to save space.
• LED lighting: keep your groceries in perfect view.
• Vario Zone: more flexibility due to variable-use glass shelves and drawers in the freezer compartment.
• Automatic Super Freezing function: optimal for freezing smaller food load faster whilst protecting your frozen items from defrosting, thanks to the detection of temperature increase and the automatic decrease of temperature

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Šaldytuvas Bosch KGN39AWCT
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The VitaFresh system offers the ideal storage environment for all your fresh food thanks to climate and temperature control. Fish and meat stays fresh for longer at a  temperature near 0°C. Fruit and vegetables benefit from an optimized climate. More food to enjoy, less food wasted.

Perfect Fit
Place your fridge wherever you want. Other standard fridge freezer models on the market need a distance of around 10 cm from side walls for doors and drawers to open. Thanks to Perfect Fit, ourfreestanding fridge freezer range can be positioned right against side walls and furniture. The fridge freezer width corresponds to the niche dimensions.

LED lighting
LED lighting helps you to keep an eye on everything in your refrigerator. The long-lasting, energy-saving LEDs automatically bathe the interior in a brilliant white light. The fully integrated LED light sources provide comfortably bright, uniform and glare-free illumination of the interior. Never overlook anything again.

Vario Zone
You can remove all the safety glass shelves in the freezer area really easily to create more space - to store a multi-level cake, for example, or a whole turkey. Large foods such as a family-sized pizza can be stacked on the glass surfaces without any problem.

Automatic Super Freezing function
In order to retain vitamins, nutritional value, appearance and flavour, food should be frozen as fast as possible. With the Automatic Super Freezing function you can freeze small food load faster whilst protecting your frozen items from defrosting. The freezer detects the temperature increase and automatically adjusts its temperature to guarantee the best storage conditions.

Easy Access Shelf.
When your fridge is well-stocked, it’s hard to keep track of food tucked away at the back. That’s why our Easy Access Shelf is made so you can see your fridge contents at a glance. Simply pull it open for easy access to all your food. Made of shatterproof glass, this easy-to-handle shelf lets you quickly find the right ingredients for your next meal.

2 Cooling Systems
In appliances with 2 Cooling Systems, the chilling and freezer sections can be controlled separately for cooling faster . Easy-to-use electronic controls allow you to adjust the temperatures individually.

Super Cooling function
Activate the Super Cooling function before you go shopping to lower the temperature in your fridge for a short period, so your fresh shopping is kept at the right temperature. The temperature is lowered by pushing a button (2°C at the lowest). To prevent unnecessary power consumption, the function automatically switches back after approximately 6 hours.

No Frost
Forget the hassle of defrosting. No Frost maintains a steady flow of dry air throughout your fridge-freezer to prevent ice from building up. It’s the end of the ice age, and the hassle of defrosting is gone for good.

Vario Inverter works by adjusting to the changes in temperatures inside and outside the refrigerator and the load within. When the door is closed for a long period of time, it runs at a slower speed with lower noise levels and it helps keep your food at an optimal temperature. It also provides optimal performance* during voltage fluctuations. So, you can enjoy less noise, while consuming less energy, and a more stable performance.

Intelligent Inverter Technology
We have a name for the intelligent interaction of temperature sensors, electronics and compressor: Intelligent inverter technology. Temperature sensors continually monitor the temperature inside and outside the fridge. Changes are immediately relayed to the electronic system to ensure that the compressor adjusts its performance according to the current situation.


  • Šaldytuvas

    Montavimo tipas Laisvai statomas
    Šaldytuvo tipas Šaldytuvas su šaldikliu
    Šaldiklio žvaigždutės [ * ] * * *
    Laikymo trukmė gedimų metu 16 h
    Energijos klasė E
    Užšaldymo pajėgumas 15 kg / 24 h
    Klimato klasė SN-T
    Šaldytuvo atšildymo būdas Automatinis
    Šaldiklio atšildymo būdas Automatinis
    Energijos suvartojimas 259 kWh per metus
    Funkcijos „SuperCool“, „SuperFrost“, Multiflow, Trikties signalas, Atvirų durelių signalas, VitaFresh
    Papildomos funkcijos
    Vandens pajungimas Be jungties
    Keičiama durų atidarymo pusė Taip
    Šaldiklio vieta Apačioje
  • Bendrieji parametrai

    Ekranas LED
    Elektroninis valdymas Taip
    Komplekte yra
    Triukšmo lygis 40 dB
    Gamintojas Bosch
    Pagaminta Turkija
    Durelės atsidaro Į dešinę
    Spalva Nerūdijančio plieno
    Rezoliucijos numeris 2019/2016
    Skleidziamo akustinio triuksmo lygio C
  • Išmatavimai

    Bendra talpa 438 L
    Šaldytuvo talpa 330 L
    Šaldiklio talpa 108 L
    Aukštis 203 cm
    Plotis 70 cm
    Gylis 67 cm
    Svoris 81,6 kg


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